Monday, December 6, 2010


Guilty hands build my world.
I'm not what you imagine and I never will be.
Though you softly dream of me,
it isn't really me that is there - I'm somewhere far off in a place you can't imagine in a place you don't know
my best laid plans are mazed networks for you
barbed wire fences you can't scale
and your ideas are
invisible to me
because they don't exist
they you and me that is a fairytaledream is no more and you did it so you can't

How Many Times
I've watched you walk away so many
why isn't it easier now?
i've even seen you walk towards me and it's
still hard
because when i look at you i think
of everything we had
i see your eyes
those same eyes
nothing ever really changed and you know it
just admit it
that car
the same car
i'm tired of seeing it drive off down the street as i
walk through my front door
i just wanna stay with you for a whole night again
i just...

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