Monday, December 6, 2010

A Dream and an Insentive

I had a freaky ass dream last night...

I dreamt I was in some huge hotel in Canada, and it just so happens that some evil alien leader named Krull had decided to take up base in this very place to start his invasion of Earth. The hotel was half destroyed, and people were running everywhere. I made it out with some friends from Canada and my backpack and we made it to an old, 2 story pub like place, via the subway underground. On the way I called Yvonne (my old Montreal babysitter from when I was little) to see if I could stay with her and she said "no" and I said "well, then I have to go and find somewhere to go" and she asked "why?" and I said "because Krull is attacking!" and kept running. Once in the pub we sat down to have a drink and go over some plans. I said I'd be safe once I got to Yael's house in New York because the USA had those little trucks with the missile silo boxes on the back and we'd be safe there - since, apparently, Canada's army isn't that good in my dream. Then I heard some weird vibrating and went to my phone...

...and woke up to my phone reminding me to pick up my passport. I hadn't even set my alarm, but luckily got woken up at the right time by me phone.

Classic Music

I wrote an article for one of the uni newspapers very much to this effect.
Seriously guys, let's get this under control.
Don't forget to read the roll-over text (text that appear when you put your mouse cursor over the image).

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