Monday, December 6, 2010

Old Entries, Old Blog: Craziness 2

Gender Contradictions Which Amuse Me
Cooking is seen as a "womanly duty" yet many master chefs are men - and their manliness is not questioned.
When a woman cooks it's a "duty" - when a man cooks it's "romantic" - why?
Singing is seen as a feminine thing to do for a boy - but yet men admire male singers in bands.
Being in the army is seen as something for manly men - yet most of the women in the army could probably kick their asses.
Men say that women are "weak" - but my bet is on them cracking instantly if they had to do half the things a working mother has to do in a day.
Seeing crying as a sign of weakness, men will hold it back and inside - whereas women will let it out and get over it faster, which is healthier.

Gender stereotypes are stupid.

"I'm a very difficult person...but I take comfort in knowing God made me that way." - Beethoven.

I dare you to move,
I dare you to say,
What I want you to say,
though I know that you won't.

Because you're afraid,
Well so am I,
But so what if I,
am as scared as you.

"Ok...I want you guys to dance creepy old people who like it really rough." - Maarika.

"I'll just walk on down to the pacific and from there on, improvise." - Barton Fink.

Walking along the blacktop,
a hot wind on the air,
no one can hear the voices,
lingering loud and clear.

Oui, je doit sortir d'ici aussi vite possible.

ha. haha. hahaha. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

please take me home...i don't want to sleep alone...

i don't know...all i feel like doing is crying today.

my head is filled with so much...i just don't know how to sort through all the JUNK.

i feel this way and that about this person and that...i'm just so fucking tired...

breaking glass on the
or breaking porcelain
on the pavement
as they
drift away
softly dreaming of
and wishing for

oh does it matter?
i watched it happen
was in it as it happened
and nothing can
change that
nothing can change
and as i sit here
in this
in this
i just want to
run to the rooftops
and yell
"why me?
why today?
why ever?
why this time
let me be!
leave me alone!
make it better!"

and it doesn'

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