Monday, December 6, 2010

Dedicated to Shosh and her broken words

"give me what you'
ve got!"

you cry
battling on the hilltops of a mind tumultuous and
under clouds of foolishness
brandishing a sword of unjust truths
passing yourself as a fool leading the sane
and who is it exactly that you think
re fooling?
when they told you that you weren'
t paying for it did you think they
were serious?
because i'
m sure they never meant to give you that impression
so drink the quality of your benevolent sins
and sup on the trajectory of your lives (going in a direction
your education never intended)
and if all of this leaves room for more
then desert on the substance of your character
for that is all you will have left
when this is ended and you are stuffed full of yourself and of
the things you want
then you will see

and as the hordes of the underdevoloped, undeserved, undermined and untrained
climb the hilltop on which you dine and wait
you will be overrun
and the only thing which will be the test of who youyourself are
is how long you can hold out before they overwhelm you into themselves

"cheque please,
s get out of here."

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