Monday, December 6, 2010

Old Blog Entries Again

One Minute Romances

In the light of the past few days - which have been a downward spiral in my otherwise jovial mood so far (it's gotta happen SOME time) - I have realized some strange things about my life here at the moment. (ed. names have been changed)

First, to last night. Brian had his cousin, Katherine, and her friend, Lena, over to stay for a day or two. Last night, Brian, Lena, Katherine, Linda, Bob, Rizzo and Synthia and myself decide to head out on the town for some drinks. I didn't really want to go out because I was in one of those moods where I knew I wouldn't make good company, but finally I obliged because I couldn't concentrate on my readings anyway, and I might as well be out having fun, rather than inside not reading and being sad. So, off to Gert's (the local pub on campus) for some drinks. Brian, Rizzo and Synthia head off first and the rest of us hang at home for about 45 mins finishing our pre-drinks before we head off. By this point, Katherine is very keen on me coming out with them. We eventually leave and go to hang at Gert's. The night progresses well, and Katherine and I are playing footsies under the table and eyeing each other like mad - woo for me. But wait, there's more. Last call is heard and we decide to leave for another bar - now, initially, I don't want to go back out, because I'd had a disagreement with Linda and I was already in a bad mood, but after some talking (and a significant amount of pulling on Katherine's part of my shirt) I decide to head out - leaving Bob on our couch, asleep. We hit The Mad Hatter's and we drink some more - Katherine and I continuing our coy game, but this time a little more overt to one another. Eventually, Linda, Lena, Katherine and I head up stairs to play on the stripper pole, and they eventually leave, leaving Katherine and I together. We hook up. She says she quite likes me and wants to...well, you get the idea. We decide to stay out a little and then we'll go home and meet in my room - cool. We stay out, and there is some touching - whatever. We get home, and we arrange to meet in a certain place so no one finds out - but BAM! in comes cock-block best friend and your loveable narrator is alone for the night. Aided a little by Bob, whose earlier comments on Katherine convinced her to reconsider hooking up with Brian's friends. So, me not happy.

Today, I'm better-ish and I head to class as normal, do everything as normal. After my last class, which Babs is in, as we leave I ask her, "What're you up to now?" and she replies with, "I guess I have to talk with you."
"I know what that means," I say and smile.
She cringes, "Yeah...I'm sorry. We had a big spark, and it was fun and I like you very much, you know that...but I have someone back home and...I just can't do this...shot thing right now...we will still have a spark on stage, and maybe something will happen later, we'll see...but we can still be friends, yes?"
"Yeah, don't's ok." I'm still smiling, "Well, see ya later."
"Ok, bye then." And I leave.
I got preemptively dumped. Haha.
One minute romances - I can't stop having them!

Philosophy of Life

"You should be as alive as you can until you're totally dead." - Dylan Moran, "Like Totally"

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