Monday, July 5, 2010

On Protesting

While I admire and approve of the protest as a method of getting your voice heard, whether it be by the government, your employers or the university which you attend, I simply cannot outline enough that you must be prepared.

1. Know what you want out of the protest; know what you want changed, know what you want those who you are angry with to do - a list of demands or a charter is usually helpful.
2. Organize! I know that sounds similar to the previous, but I can't state this enough. Everyone should be on the same page for your reasons and what you want out of it.
3. Don't be an asshole. Violent protests never really got anybody anywhere. Peaceful is not only the way to go physically, but going around calling the people you're dealing with "fucking snakes" or "fucking liars", etc. simply won't help add credence to your cause - it will remove it. Eloquent negotiations are important.
4. Know the laws and regulations which govern the area you're in. If you start throwing around words like "you can't do [blank]" and "we have the right to [blank]", know for a fact that this is the case.

While I feel the only person who is remotely intelligent in this video (among the protestors) is the cameraman, despite his desperate yelling of "don't use brutality!" to hopefully catch something nice on camera, his point of "we have to be civil...we may be angry, but we have to be civil" I think make up for it a little. The asshole in the group can be heard yelling a lot in the background, with cameraman telling him to be quiet repeatedly.

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