Saturday, July 10, 2010

On Gaming Again

While StarCraft and Blizzard, etc. are not putting in the elements that made the game awesome that I discussed earlier (LAN, Battle.Net chat, etc.), these geniuses HAVE decided to add an (oh-so-fucking-useful) Facebook application. Yeah, because that's what I want, Facebook on my StarCraft so that I can do...I dunno...NOTHING with it.

Also, they have decided in all their goddamn infinite wisdom to introduce people's REAL NAME alongside blog posts to "try and stop trolling" (that's internet for 'being a dick'). I'm sorry, this won't help, and you will probably only just increase harassment once you give EVERYONE YOU INTERACT WITH ON THE WEB your real name. I just...seriously? I think this argument states it best and I don't think I can out-word her because it really is a well-written article and all her points are valid.


  1. Blizzard aren't renowned for their good ideas or mental intellect. The 'Real ID' thing was brought into Warcraft, tho I believe they scrapped the idea for the WoW forums. I would have assumed that they scrapped the idea for the SC forums too?

  2. It seems they have, according to this article:

    That was lucky, now to get them to listen about some other things...