Thursday, December 1, 2011

Talk About Stories from Nothing!

I found this letter on the street and I thought it was too interesting not to publish in some way!

Dear [Woman's Name], 11/9

Hey beautiful, hope your [sic] feeling better. I've been moving around alot lately so I think they lost the last letter you sent because I didn't know you were sick. Unfortunately i'm [sic] not there to take care of you, so make you do what you can to get better.

I really appreciate the pictures. Every-time [sic] I look at them I feel as if God dropped an angel in my hands. It's amazing how your face radiates in the pictures. You have the perfect combination of sensual lips, spellbounding [sic] eyes & slightly puffy cheeks that enclose the most beautiful dimples. I love all the pictures, but the one that really catches my eye is the full body shot where you're wearing what looks like a purple & black flower dress type thing. I like the way the dress accentuates your petite frame & shows just enough cleavage to tease & around imagination.

On another note, how have school & work been going? My culinary class has been going well. When we cook it's fun but when we don't it gets boring. Have you gon [sic] out lately? Oh yea [sic], in the letter I sent you before the short one I asked you a few questions & i'm [sic] interested in hearing the answers. Remember I didn't get your last letter because the prison lost it when they were moving me around.

One more thing before I let you go. I got around to writing my dad & he's been writing back. It's awkward but i'll [sic] get over it. Well hope you feel better & hope to hear from you soon.


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  1. "Remember I didn't get your last letter because the prison lost it when they were moving me around."

    Now I know why you put it online. ;)