Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Curious Dream

We're on a giant train. It's so very long. Strange fluorescent lighting. I approach a seat which I know has Chris, Jesse and Hector. I try to talk to Chris about sex but he won't listen. He stands up and I realize he is wearing a thobe (male version of a hijab) and hat (which are both tiger-print), and so are Hector and Jesse. They have converted to Islam extremism. I run to the front of the train to avoid them and meet Snaps, who is crying. I ask her what's wrong. She is upset over the conversion of the boys too, points at herself and says, "Hardcore Christian." She then gets changed in front of me, laughing, and I am uncomfortable. She then runs off to be with the hardcore Christian radio group.
The train has stopped and we're in some giant basin with tall buildings and trap doors all around. This is the uni with the dorms. I am going to be stating with Justin and Alex, but now they are bunking with hippies who drop a lot of acid. I try to find somewhere else to stay but can't.
Dad and Alex come into my room to measure a desk and I ask if there's room in Alex's hippie dorm and they say it's full. I pull on a shirt and, upset, I simply say, "Fuck uni, maybe I shouldn't go here anymore" and storm downstairs.
Am awoken by my phone vibrating. I never get to find out how the dream ENDS.

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