Friday, February 26, 2010

I Heart Bluejuice

Let me tell you of a band. They are most likely one of the best in the land. They are power-pop electro rock extraordinaires. They are, Bluejuice whose new single Broken Leg has caused an internet sensation (beware to those who do click to view the video, it is six minutes long because the song starts around three minutes in because it is basically a hilarious short film).

Last night I had the privilege to go and see this band live at the University of Sydney's O-Week. The previous night, to which I also attended, was a performance by Project 52 (a Sydney University based comedy group), Axis of Awesome (a comedy musical group), Josh Thomas (the comic chosen to be the voice of Generation Y) and Wil Anderson, one of Australia biggest comedians. However, that is all a different story, this about Bluejuice.
The night opened with a fairly rambunctious Sex Pistols-sounding band called The Conditionals. I had never heard them before, but I was honestly glad that I had, especially with the rather mediocre, and slightly more famous, group which followed, The Jezebels. They have one 'well-known' single, and they now think they're hot shit. The music was far too feet-gazing to be too enjoyable, and the lead singer did too much with her voice that didn't fit the songs.

Finally, though, after a few hours at 9:40, Bluejuice emerged. I didn't know, as none of their videos involve them actually playing their instruments, that they have two lead singers at all times. Jake and Stav sing the same lyrics all the way through every song, with some minor difference in vocal exchange, but each has their own unique vocal quality. Not just that, but their stage presences are so frighteningly different, you don't know which one to watch more. Jake has a more rock-star, get your shirt off, flailing wildly kind of stage presence, whereas Stav has the stoic, more jerky motions, intense staring and occasional insane move style of presence. Together, it was like some kind of super, performance BEAST!

They played for a good hour and ten minutes and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. If you haven't checked them out already, click on the link above, or go here for their website!

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