Thursday, January 14, 2010


Steam recently released the free trial on all steam accounts of a new game called Zero-G. The game is basically a cuter version of Mario Kart, but with more jumping. The game is priced on Steam at $14.99 (USD) which seems fairly reasonable, considering you get more than just racing, with mini-games like soccer, hockey and a collect-the-points, tag style mini-game.

The game does offer customizable figures, which is a cute addition, considering all the characters are bizarre in the extreme from a cactus to a Cthulhu-like octopus, with extras like sunglasses, driving goggles and a brain-slug.

It is a fun and enjoyable game, despite some mildly debilitating driving problems that are caused by high ping rates and is a nice addition to the Steam collection. It can, however, be mildly frustrating as the turning circle and directional capabilities of the car seem somewhat small and slow. Mahalo.

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