Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walking on the Rocks

Hey everyone, do me a favour? Spread this to as many people as you can! This video is awesomely hilarious and features my friend Laurence's band, super FLORENCE jam! Enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Random Stuff

Story beginning

“And that’s all you have to do.” He said as he blew a plume of blue smoke towards me from across the small, wooden table.

“What do you mean ‘that’s all’, that’s a hell of a lot to do, what you’re asking.” I said, shaking my head slowly, looking through the contents of the manila folder in front of me.

“It’s either do that, or lose your chance entirely. If you decide not to do this, there are no second chances, that’s that, you will never see us or our opportunity again. You decide.”

“Can I sleep on it?”

“I’m afraid not, Mr. Murphy, the time for decision-making is now.”

The Apartment Song
I just wrote this out of nowhere...i don't even know what to do with it....

i love the way when you
look at me in a way that way
i think it's so cute
makes me think you think
i'm with you all the time

don't you wish that all the things
we never had could come true
and i never wanna say i'm sorry
i never wanna say i love you

all the things i don't want to
do with you involve
shopping for apartments and
going grocery shopping

i know that that sounds kind of mean
but what it is i guess i mean is
we might not always be together
but i think that that's okay

when you think about it though
what are the odds we'll stay together?
what do you think we will get married?
what do you think that we'll have kids?

i hate to be the guy that
bursts the bubble that you live in
but the world is not like that
not every relationship is meant to last

no matter how much we say
i love you or that we'll stay together forever
it doesn't really make sense when you
think about it

how many did you say it to
before you were with me?
and how many did i say it to
before i was with you?

these are just the things we say
the motions that we make
because we're tired of soul searching
and just wanna make it work

as much as i wish i am wrong
i know that when i sing this song
you are gonna think about it
and know that i'm not lying

so when you walk away
on the day that is comes
please don't say that i didn't warn you
please don't hate my guts

it's just the way the world works
the way the world works
i don't like it, you don't like it
but i guess that that's too bad.

Possibly One of the Best Stories I've Ever Read strikes again...

Dude I had a fucking crazy night last night
So you know how Jason is basically a crazy redneck?
well we were sitting around drinking when he just pipes up "let's go hunting guys!"
we're in the middle of the city, right, but we're sort of drunk, so me, Mike and Aaron go for it
We head out to the park, drinking from the camelback of course, and see these fucking geese; Just hundreds of fucking geese sleeping by the river.
we're just kind of stumbling around laughing, but Jason takes a fence post, UPROOTS the motherfucker, and just Braveheart charges this field of geese
the geese start going apeshit as he's swinging like mad, just honking like crazy tearing up the river
the three of us don't know what to do, but three generations of inbreeding sure as hell did. The fucker cracks one of the geese over the head, and it's just frozen, sort of stunned
without a second of hesitation, Jason grabs his dull ass pocket knife and just pounces on the goose, stabbing wildly, and let me tell you.. there's a fuckton of blood in a goose
this thing is hemorrhaging blood, completely covering him, but he keeps stabbing it
wtf dude? that's fucking nuts
just listen, it gets worse
We are completely dumbfounded, we don't know what the fuck just happened, but we're pretty sure it's extremely illegal
we decide to wrap up the goose in Aaron's jacket and take it back to the apartments
so we walk like 3 miles back, and take it to the field by the power station
Jason's not done though, he takes his dull blade and SKINS THE MOTHERFUCKING GOOSE
takes out the entrails, the whole nine yards, takes for fucking ever
at this time Mike is turning pale, he's looking up all the laws we'd broken, and he kept yelling about some security guard watching us
I told him to stop being paranoid, but he wouldn't let up
so he grabs the goose and just fucking chucks it, as hard as he can over towards the freeway
needless to say we were pissed, but we weren't about to spend all night looking for that shit
So we snuck home, drunk, hungry and defeated
Now that's a fucking adventure
yeah, I know, but just imagine this episode of cops:
four college age guys, drunk, walk out of a darkened field in the middle of a city at 3 A.M. after spending several hours working on something, and one of them is COVERED in blood, holding a dull, bloody knife, claiming to have just hunted, skinned, and then completely thrown away an entire goose
you can't right better shit than that
I don't think we should ever hang out with Jason ever again

Tell Me Off For a Dollar, and Other Human Tragicomedies.

tell me off for a dollar
the sign said

tell me off for a dollar
fuck you

tell me off for a dollar
re a useless
tell me off for a dollar
no one will ever love you
and your hair is stupid

tell me off for a dollar
you should have been aborted

tell me off for a dollar
re stealing all my fucking dollars...
...and I HATE you for it!

tell me off for a dollar
tell ME off for a dollar?
fuck you.

dropping money into the box
looking at the sign
and taking aim with words that wound
a non-existent pride
it is i who is despicable
it is i who is useless

...tell me off for a dollar?

A Dream and an Insentive

I had a freaky ass dream last night...

I dreamt I was in some huge hotel in Canada, and it just so happens that some evil alien leader named Krull had decided to take up base in this very place to start his invasion of Earth. The hotel was half destroyed, and people were running everywhere. I made it out with some friends from Canada and my backpack and we made it to an old, 2 story pub like place, via the subway underground. On the way I called Yvonne (my old Montreal babysitter from when I was little) to see if I could stay with her and she said "no" and I said "well, then I have to go and find somewhere to go" and she asked "why?" and I said "because Krull is attacking!" and kept running. Once in the pub we sat down to have a drink and go over some plans. I said I'd be safe once I got to Yael's house in New York because the USA had those little trucks with the missile silo boxes on the back and we'd be safe there - since, apparently, Canada's army isn't that good in my dream. Then I heard some weird vibrating and went to my phone...

...and woke up to my phone reminding me to pick up my passport. I hadn't even set my alarm, but luckily got woken up at the right time by me phone.

Classic Music

I wrote an article for one of the uni newspapers very much to this effect.
Seriously guys, let's get this under control.
Don't forget to read the roll-over text (text that appear when you put your mouse cursor over the image).

Old Comic Ideas

Automaton Noir
The beginning of a Film Noir Detective story with a robot detective - Rob is not the robot detective, I haven't introduced the robot yet:

Rob is seen hiding behind some crates. It is raining. A harsh streetlight shines on him. A bullet blows a corner off a crate near him.

“Come on, Rob, you’e done this before.”

2 more bullets hit the crates.

“…and that’s six.”

Rob leans over the top and fires several times. A bullet goes through a crate and hits the perp. Rob goes to stand over him – his body lying in a pool of his own blood.


Rob is in the Chief’s office.

“That’s the seventh one in a month, Rob, what the hell is going on with you? We can’t get any goddamn information on these fucking creeps’ boss if you keep shooting them!”

“You think I don’t know that? Maybe if they stopped pulling guns on me, I’d stop shooting them!”

2 panels identical. One shows the two sitting in silence. The second has them with a bit more of a smile. The next panel has them laughing.

“Shit, Rob…go home…get some rest. I know you don’t need to see the shrink for pulling your weapon, but don’t go acting all macho, okay?”

“Chief, do I ever?”

Rob is at home and dials the phone. It rings out onto the answering machine, “Hi, you’ve reached William Lydell, I’m obviously not home, so leave a message after the beep.” BEEP!

“Hey Will, it’s your brother, remember me? It’s been like a month since we’ve spoken properly. I’ve called a bunch a times. You must be working on something really big this time, huh? Ah well, gimme a call.”

Rob hangs up. Slouches into the couch, turns on TV. Falls asleep.

Next day. Lighting shining in through the blinds in the window onto Rob’s face.

Automaton Noir Update
I've decided to swap the names of the brothers. Because I want to call the robot RoBert or something like that, RoboRT. So, would it be weird to have the two main characters with the same name? The brother could have named it after his brother for something. Cop is Rob and robot is Robo or something. Hmm...
The idea is kind of from Penny Arcade


Guilty hands build my world.
I'm not what you imagine and I never will be.
Though you softly dream of me,
it isn't really me that is there - I'm somewhere far off in a place you can't imagine in a place you don't know
my best laid plans are mazed networks for you
barbed wire fences you can't scale
and your ideas are
invisible to me
because they don't exist
they you and me that is a fairytaledream is no more and you did it so you can't

How Many Times
I've watched you walk away so many
why isn't it easier now?
i've even seen you walk towards me and it's
still hard
because when i look at you i think
of everything we had
i see your eyes
those same eyes
nothing ever really changed and you know it
just admit it
that car
the same car
i'm tired of seeing it drive off down the street as i
walk through my front door
i just wanna stay with you for a whole night again
i just...

Unfinished Story (that's now a script)

“You’re late.” Harvey said as he got down onto his knees.

“How the fuck would you know? Now shut up.” Derek said, cocking the hammer of the gun and aiming it at Harvey.

“Don’t I get any last words?” Harvey asked with a strange calm.

“If you’re not careful, those will be them.” Derek said smiling with malice.

They stood like that for some time, Harvey on his knees and Derek standing in front of him, his weight on his forward right foot, his right arm raised aiming the Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum, his eyes on the wall clock just over his left shoulder.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Harvey asked, cocking his head with curiosity.

“Shut up!” Derek spat as he eyed the clock and uncocked the gun aimed at Harvey’s forehead. He wiped his nose on his sleeve and sat down on a nearby stool, pulling it towards him with his foot.

“Anything the matter?” Harvey asked, seemingly concerned.

“Nothin’s wrong, I just gotta wait is all.” Derek said, crossing one leg over the other in an attempt to look nonchalant, but betraying his sense of nervousness by tapping his foot and darting his eyes between Harvey and the clock every few seconds.

“You seem nervous,” Harvey said, “Can offer you something to eat or drink? A cigarette?” Derek glared at him from his seat with heated contempt, “No fucking food, no fucking drink…but I’ll take one of them cigs.”

“Front pocket.” Harvey said. Derek leaned forward and ripped off the front pocket of Harvey’s shirt, taking with it the new pack of cigarettes. Derek tore these open and withdrew a cigarette and put it to his mouth, “Light?” he said gruffly.

“Left pocket.” Harvey said and Derek searched Harvey’s pockets for the lighter, but came up with matches. Derek lit the cigarette and the end glowed red, the smell of the burning phosphorous filling the small room as the swirl of tobacco smoke floated towards the ceiling. They sat there for some time in silence, Derek with his cigarette hanging loosely from his lips, ash falling like snow onto his worn black jeans, right leg crossed over the left and tapping at air; Harvey on his knees, his hands behind his head, not a bead of sweat marking his face.

“So,” Harvey said after some time, “can I ask what it is you’re waiting for? You have ample time to kill me and leave, probably taking most of my valuable with me – I live alone so there’s no chance of someone stopping you from upstairs.”

“Don’t you think I know that? I ain’t waitin’ ‘coz I wanna. I’m waitin’ ‘coz them’s the terms of the deal.” Derek scratched his three day beard absently, his broken nails making a grating sound in the penetrating silence. Harvey eyed Derek. He wasn’t a tall man – five foot ten at most – he had short, greasy, messy hair which looked untamable and his eyes were a deep brown. He was probably handsome at a time, but what seemed like a lifetime of unhappiness had taken all the life out of his face leaving it a mass of wrinkles covered lightly with a harsh beard. Harvey thought he saw a distinct sadness in his eyes, as they looked constantly moist with tears – like Tom Cruise’s – but that could have been because of the cigarette smoke or how nervous he was. Derek noticed Harvey eying him and as he did, Harvey smiled. Derek began sizing up Harvey, a dark skinned, middle aged man who had aged seemingly well but was maybe a kilo or two overweight. His black hair was cropped short and he had dark eyes, hidden behind and magnified by his rimless wire glasses which sat lightly on his face. He had what Derek thought was a kind face, but quickly shook his head of the thought. Derek looked down at the gun in his hand. It was a heavy, steel gun with a six bullet wheel, a .357. The gun he had been given for the job. It was such a big gun which could apparently blow a man’s whole head off. It seemed unnecessary to Derek, but he didn’t think twice about it when he took it, when the man had called over the phone told him to look in his bedroom where he found polaroids of his wife and daughter duct taped and lying on a stone floor.

“What exactly are we waiting for?” Harvey said, waking Derek from his thoughts.

“If you gotta know, three a.m. We gotta wait for three a.m.” Derek said, annoyed.

“Three a.m.? But why? You have me now.”

“That’s just what the guy said is all,” Derek said, now angry with himself for having revealed information about the man on the phone, “and he said to get you and wait until three a.m. to kill you, no earlier and no later, or he’d know.” Derek shrugged, “Make’s no difference to me, either way you end up on the floor pooled in blood and I get paid.” Derek felt his cheeks flush as he was thought too much about things. Talking too much. The man had left a polaroid of Harvey, too.

“Kill him at three a.m. and you get your family back, and ten thousand dollars,” he had said, “no earlier or later than three a.m., I will know. Don’t test me.” And then he hung up.

“If we’re going to be waiting here for another two hours,” Harvey said, once more waking Derek from his thoughts, “May I take my hands down from behind my head? I imagine they’ll get quite cramped and painful and I’d at least like to be mildly comfortable for the last two hours of my life. It shouldn’t make any difference to you.” Derek eyed Harvey for a moment and the things which were near him. He was in the centre of the small room, with nothing of worth within arm’s reach for a weapon, “Sure. Why not?” Derek said finally and Harvey lowered his hands, rubbing his wrists and forearms.

“So, if I may ask, why exactly have you been sent to kill me?” Harvey asked.

“I think the real fuckin’ question,” Derek snapped back, “is why the fuck were you expectin’ me to?”

“A good question. I wasn’t. Not tonight, really. But for some time.” Was Harvey’s cryptic response.

“So why the fuck were you expectin’ this to happen, then?” Derek could feel his palms sweating as he asked this.

“I answered one of your questions, now it’s your turn. Why have you been sent to kill me?”

“I don’t know,” Derek said, his voice flat, “just some fella wants you dead, an’ he’s payin’ me to do it. S’nothin’ personal ‘tween me an’ you.”

“I’d say there’s nothing more personal than this.” This comment made Derek shift uneasily on his stool, “Do you know who sent you?”

“Nope, an’ that suits me fine.” Derek fiddled with the gun, switching the safety on and off.

“You haven’t done this before.” Harvey said, causing Derek to tense.

“’Course I have! Don’t you fuckin’ challenge me! Shut the fuck up!” Derek jumped to his feet, taking aim at the focal point of Harvey’s glasses, his hand shaking.

“No, you haven’t, but that’s okay,” Harvey continued, “no need to feel bad about it. Not many people can do a job like this. There must be something more than just the money pushing you into a job like this.” The sound of his wife trying to push words through duct tape exploded into Derek’s mind.

“I got my reasons. Why was you waitin’ for this to happen?”

“Because I’ve done some things which may have made me some enemies.”

“You in the army or something?”


“Air force?”



“No. I’m an accountant.” Derek began to laugh a deep laugh which wheezed from years of smoking, “I guess that’s the new army, isn’t it?” He said and continued to laugh. Harvey just smiled. Derek sighed after his laugh and was hit with a vision of his daughter strapped down and he sobered up quickly.

Old Crap Again

On Dreams...
Dreams are seriously fucked. They've been so odd lately.
Kissing some girl I know in a blizzard of falling snow.
Dreaming of a very sexual, non-existent sister, "Why is it exactly we don't fuck?" she said. I don't recognize her either.
What the fuck?
There have been so many weird dreams...

Songs for Life
"I never knew that it was over when I met you" - Over When I Met You, The Camels
"Take me away, I'm gonna hurt could she say, she wanted more, you, better" - Take Me Away, Plain White T's
"When you gonna work out that I'm all you ever needed...I'm never gonna find another woman that I want" - All You Ever Needed, The Camels
"Summertime is when I look into your eyes" - Summertime, The Camels
"Romance...does it happen when you slow dance? is it in your head or is it in your pants? Romance!" - Romance, The Camels
"All the times we've had..." - Times We've Had, The Camels
"I've become so numb...I don't know what you're expecting of me" - Numb, Linkin Park
"This may sound a little fucked, don't wanna fall in love!" - Don't Wanna Fall in Love, Green Day
"Nothing perfect can remain forever" - Nothing Perfect Remains, Jordan King-Lacroix
"Smiles and her laughter, she's the only thing that I've been waiting for." - Emily, From First to Last
"If love is a labor I'll slave 'til the end" - Swing Life Away, Rise Against
"The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else" - No Mercy for Swine, The Cherry Poppin' Daddies
"Now you're nothing but a picture and 1000 Memories" - 1000 Memories, Bad Religion
"So you're feeling unimportant, 'coz you've got nothing to say" - Slumber, Bad Religion
"I'm just a loser with no self-esteem"- Self Esteem, The Offspring
"15 years getting loaded, 15 years 'til his liver exploded" - Bob, NOFX
"Deep inside your soul there's a hole you don't wanna see...even though I try I can't get my head around you" - (Can't Get My) Head Around You, The Offspring
"Baby I got you on my'll never know, how much I need you by my side." - (Baby I Got You) On My Mind, Powderfinger
"There's a place for us sitting here waiting for the sun, and it calls me back into the safe arms that I know" - Waiting for the Sun, Powderfinger
"Who's next?" - Who's Next?, Tom Lehrer

Second (I think) LJ Poem (ed. it was like the 5th)
big night last night,
(you know)
heavy falling waters
endoftheworld rain down noisy crash
on a bus i can'
t get on for the sake of the
i wondered why i was bothering to
a twisted turning confession
in the recesses of my mind confirming i was
blind to the things that lay inside
we talked
and wined
and ate
and played
and ended u
the couch
with my hand behind your neck and your
hair over
my hand
i leaned you in close to me and you sure didn'
t pull back
our lips almost met but they didn'
t and that'
s almost what made the (non)kiss better
a tease of the lips and almost touch of the tongue
the look in your eyes and the
shine in mine
forehead to forehead we lay bizarre
encircled by inappropriateness
i remember you when you were young
and you remember me the same
i would watch you when your parents were away
and now you'
ve grown into a beautiful young woman
and it sure feels strange to know and see and be on the couch
lying down with you and almost kiss you in a way that...

m going home,
walk me through the rain?
and you do.

Interesting Old Blog Entry

Insomniac Thoughts from Last Night (29/3/2009)
I sit in the dark of my room, the dull flow of my desk lamp of the page as it hums its florescent hum. I look out over the darkened cityscape of the city I'm now forced to call home. Not that I'm sad about it - the ensuing months will be filled with joy, I'm sure - but it wasn't home. I think of Marcho and how I'll likely miss his 21st - unless I can think of a clever way out of class and to earn enough cash to get home. The darkened McGill campus stretches out before me and the streetlights glow like four-pointed stars against the glass of my sealed window - safe from the negative degree temperatures outside.


A giant red sign says, towering over the other buildings. The trees are still leafless, lifeless, brown stems connected to the earth waiting to blossom in the coming spring - a spring that ever seems to want to come. I find it strange to think that I have so little time left in this room of mine - apartment 301 - in this house; a house once full of strangers and now full of friends; family. A cheesy and cliched sentiment, for sure, but truthful nonetheless. I miss home but not in the way I thought. I miss the people, the knowing, the security, not the land - just the familiar. My stomach sinks a little and I cough. A strange and educational trip this has been. And here I am, pen scratching recycled paper at 3:30am because my brain won't sleep and I keep coughing.
Scratch scratch scratch goes the metal nib against the page and marks are made, like magic, stained with ink. But the words aren't magic - just the ramblings of a brain over-excited and unable to comprehend how life brought it here. This fortune! I want nothing more than to sleep. Maybe I just needed to get all this out and I should do this sort of thing more often.

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket- safe, dark, motionless, airless--it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.

- C.S. Lewis

Stuff from Old Blog

Draft: Friends

I wrote this poem by closing my eyes and just writing because my chest and head hurt and I needed to vent:

i don'
t know how it happened
it just did
some things happen that
you know?
one minute we'
re in the doorway and then
in the next room
door closed
t know how it
still don'
just happened
some things happen
you know?

what are we doing
what are we doing
ewhat are we doigng
awhat dre we doign
euhgiueu doesn'
t matter!

panting i looked over
and i just couldn'
t stop and now i still
t i just couldn'
t believe it
you know?
just one of those things
just happened.
heart pumping
heat from everywhere
just one of those things
that happened
you know?

friends friends fierends
fiends friends fiend sifend firend
fired firedn friend fire red fired
friend friend friend firnen dmf
]frined friends?

rolling across through the
and into the next room
"nice", she said
jacket falls off
clothes gone
"stay there and stay warm
ll be right back?"
into the bathroom
i wrap myself in her blanket
and she gets back and she'
s smiling and she is so pretty
and then she comes over and we

just one of those things that happened
you know?

she came to my bed later that
just to cuddle
and we slept
it was nice
been a long time
you know?
just to hold and to kiss
and to smell and to...yeah
is it weird that i get

Twist: My Brother Is Gay...

my mum: justin (my bro) went clubbing with [insert ex-girlfriend's name here], apparantly she's bi now
me: oh, she's been bi forever
mum: oh, and i wanted to give you some news. well, that would've made an interesting threesome
me: oh...oh mum...oh...gross...geez

Old Blog Entries Again

One Minute Romances

In the light of the past few days - which have been a downward spiral in my otherwise jovial mood so far (it's gotta happen SOME time) - I have realized some strange things about my life here at the moment. (ed. names have been changed)

First, to last night. Brian had his cousin, Katherine, and her friend, Lena, over to stay for a day or two. Last night, Brian, Lena, Katherine, Linda, Bob, Rizzo and Synthia and myself decide to head out on the town for some drinks. I didn't really want to go out because I was in one of those moods where I knew I wouldn't make good company, but finally I obliged because I couldn't concentrate on my readings anyway, and I might as well be out having fun, rather than inside not reading and being sad. So, off to Gert's (the local pub on campus) for some drinks. Brian, Rizzo and Synthia head off first and the rest of us hang at home for about 45 mins finishing our pre-drinks before we head off. By this point, Katherine is very keen on me coming out with them. We eventually leave and go to hang at Gert's. The night progresses well, and Katherine and I are playing footsies under the table and eyeing each other like mad - woo for me. But wait, there's more. Last call is heard and we decide to leave for another bar - now, initially, I don't want to go back out, because I'd had a disagreement with Linda and I was already in a bad mood, but after some talking (and a significant amount of pulling on Katherine's part of my shirt) I decide to head out - leaving Bob on our couch, asleep. We hit The Mad Hatter's and we drink some more - Katherine and I continuing our coy game, but this time a little more overt to one another. Eventually, Linda, Lena, Katherine and I head up stairs to play on the stripper pole, and they eventually leave, leaving Katherine and I together. We hook up. She says she quite likes me and wants to...well, you get the idea. We decide to stay out a little and then we'll go home and meet in my room - cool. We stay out, and there is some touching - whatever. We get home, and we arrange to meet in a certain place so no one finds out - but BAM! in comes cock-block best friend and your loveable narrator is alone for the night. Aided a little by Bob, whose earlier comments on Katherine convinced her to reconsider hooking up with Brian's friends. So, me not happy.

Today, I'm better-ish and I head to class as normal, do everything as normal. After my last class, which Babs is in, as we leave I ask her, "What're you up to now?" and she replies with, "I guess I have to talk with you."
"I know what that means," I say and smile.
She cringes, "Yeah...I'm sorry. We had a big spark, and it was fun and I like you very much, you know that...but I have someone back home and...I just can't do this...shot thing right now...we will still have a spark on stage, and maybe something will happen later, we'll see...but we can still be friends, yes?"
"Yeah, don't's ok." I'm still smiling, "Well, see ya later."
"Ok, bye then." And I leave.
I got preemptively dumped. Haha.
One minute romances - I can't stop having them!

Philosophy of Life

"You should be as alive as you can until you're totally dead." - Dylan Moran, "Like Totally"

Two Stories (Old Blog)

I wrote the beginnings of a story, I don't know where it's going, let me know what you think: (13/4/2009)

I killed a man yesterday. I’d never done that before. I haven’t washed his blood of my hands – seems disrespectful, you know? I mean, this is the last part of him and all I can do with it is wash it down the sink, mix it with the great oceans and then he’s gone…no, I couldn’t do that, imagine if it was me. They say the dead follow you around always after they die, watching you, because everything you do, the person you’ve become, they’ve helped shape, you know? You can’t always see them, sometimes you do, in those moments when you feel goose bumps in a warm room or when the dark seems darker, but they’re always there. I read that in a book somewhere…it was fiction, but I like to think that that’s true so that way I never feel too alone. Is that sad? I don’t know. Probably. When they found me with him, I was just sitting there next to him, cross-legged, my hands cupped holding a small pool of his blood, staring at it like it couldn’t be real. The detectives testified that I had a, “grey and distant look in my eyes”. I guess that’s accurate. Though I’d say it was more red – all I could see was that blood. They also say that if you can make your executioner laugh, maybe he won’t kill you – I’ve heard that in two places now. I don’t know if it’s true. I was the executioner, he didn’t try to make me laugh, he just cried…so, I don’t know. Wish I knew, then maybe he wouldn’t be dead. Or maybe he still would – depends on what you believe I suppose.

New Story (28/4/2009)
Started a new story, let me know what you think:

It was four a.m. and Henry sat at the kitchen table, “Get some sleep!” the others had said as they climbed the creaky staircase up to bed, “Yeah, yeah.” Henry had said, waving his hand over his shoulder. That was at one a.m. He had tried to sleep. Really. He had gone up to bed and lain still, and tossed and turned. He had even masturbated to try and get himself to sleep, but this hadn’t worked either, so he had gone back down to the kitchen and sat at the table. The room was dimly lit; all the lights bar a small fluorescent light above the microwave were off – some of the room being lit by the light from the adjacent room and the street lights shining in from the kitchen windows. He sat in one of the wooden chairs that surrounded the table that sat off centre in the room. He sat there for some time in the dank light before he got up to get his half-finished bag of chips from the cupboard, borrowed some salsa from one of the others and poured himself a glass of milk. He sipped on the milk and smiled.

“Milk in a bag?!” He had said, looking over at Jerry, who looked equally flabbergasted, “Milk in a bag?!” Jerry repeated, accentuating “bag”, pronouncing it as if it were spelled “bayg”. They smiled a broad smile and grabbed a four liter bag to suffice their milk needs and added it to the shopping cart along with the large box of Pop-Tarts, “Those’ll go well together.” Jerry said and Henry nodded.

Henry fingered the cigarette he had removed from a packet on the table, pushing the tobacco cylinder across the table idly as he ate his chips. He eyed a pack of matched and placed the two things next to each other. There it was – a pastime. Henry was a vehement non-smoker but he was seriously contemplating smoking this cigarette. He laughed at himself slowly and out loud, remembering all the times ha had yelled with derision at friends and strangers who had lit up near him, how he had coughed loudly passing smokers in public – being one of those non-smokers people hated – but now he didn’t care about all that.

“George, you’re stinking up the place!” He said as George came in from outside.

“Come on, man,” George said, “I like to smoke. Leave me alone. I can quit when I want, you’ve seen it. I just enjoy it too much.”

“Whatever man, it’s your body, your funeral, not mine.”

“Let me get that for you, m’lady.” Henry said as he leaned over, pulling out his lighted and lit Sally’s cigarette.

“Oh, thank you, do you smoke?” she asked as she offered Henry a cigarette from her pack.

“No,” he said, “I just like lighting other people’s cigs.”

Flash went the match as Henry lit up his cigar on a New Year’s Eve…

Snap. Inhale. Bubble goes the bong…

Henry toked from the joint…

He pushed the cigarette across the surface of the table and smiled, striking a match and watching the flame burn out the wooden body, inhaling the strong, potent, yet strangely sweet smell of the phosphorous match tip. He blew out the match and watched the blue-grey smoke dance in twisters above the match and dissipate in the dark air.

The smoke rose into the night sky as the love-letter he had written to her burned on the terrace like he had burned his essays at the end of high school – this letter meant no more than them now, but the gesture meant a lot to him.

(Here it goes blank from lack of ideas, but here's the ending...)


As Henry sat in the kitchen he looked out the window to see the sun rising, creating yellows, oranges, blues and pinks on the light cloud cover just hovering over the horizon. As the others came slowly downstairs for breakfast or early exams, they smiled and big him good morning, “Get any sleep, Hank?” they’d ask.

“Yeah, actually,” he lied, “all night.” He was comfortable with lying now – with contradictions and hypocrisy – because he lived it each day. He didn’t mind as long as it didn’t hurt anybody and he smiled at George as he joined him outside for a cigarette.

Notes and Poems and Rants: Old Blog

I wish i remember who this was about now. (ed. 6/12/2010)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Haven't found the time or topic to. I've been having dreams about her again. It's weird to do so at this time, with everything that's been going on. But I'm always happy in those dreams, and so is she. It's good to see her happy. It's always pretty intimate, but in a sweet way, never in a "rough'n'fuck" way. In my Judaism and the Occult classes we're learning about Talmudic dream interpretation. One of them is, "If you are fornicating with a woman, whom you in turn love, then it is a good omen." In this case, I would say that 'love' could be quantifiably rendered into the friendship area, especially as the dream interpretation texts were written so long ago, and so archaically. And I could sure as hell use the good omen, especially after all the bad omen teeth falling out dreams I've had this year.

I hate the people I dream of

i hate the people i dream
it spins me round like food
for thought
time for your dime
hitched in vegas and up and

"does this all look familiar
to you?"

i guess it must but it doesn'
wish that it would look like yesterday'
s today'
s tomorrow
but it always looks like last year'
s next week in a way that
fakes the times we always

t it always seem like that to
it could just be me but
think so for once.

The Cast of Dreams

It is sometimes odd who it is who appears in your dreams. More often than not they're friends of yours, whether or not you've spoken to them or thought of them lately or not. Sometimes they're people you know in the dream, but when you wake up you realize you don't recognize them as a real life person at all. Sometimes they're people from TV shows - for example, I've been watching a lot of Scrubs lately (the whole series) and so the cast of Scrubs are commonplace people in my dreams - and we're often on adventures or running from things. Last night it was the Janitor and someone else...I don't remember. The night before it was Cox and the whole gang. Weird, but fun. But what is weirdest is when you have a sex dream about someone you know. This is weirdest when you haven't thought of, spoken to or dreamed of that person in forever. But it's still weird when it's someone you've spoken to lately, when you haven't had a dream about them - especially a sex dream about them - in a long time or ever. This happened to me last night, about a close friend, and it feels weird. And it doesn't necessarily mean I want to jump that person next time I see them, but I have been thinking a lot about relationships (again, thanks to Scrubs) and I wonder. I miss being in a relationship and I wonder what it would be like with certain people. I don't know. Sometimes the mind just messes with you for shits and giggles.

And a tear is shed as the world ends around us, but we still laugh...

Okay, all started on my birthday.
We had a party, there was yelling, a table was broken, there was beer, there was a band, the neighbours complained. The downstairs one, no one else. The complaint was only of the slamming balcony door and "the loudest chair on earth, it's constant". Okay. We then heard that we had an imaginary party on Sunday when no one was home and it had "10 men and lots of beer". This is just blatantly false. We then inadvertantly had a party a week on the heels of the last. Ashlee invited people - lots - to our house. We didn't make noise, but there was a complaint. No reason is mentioned, "the people under you are two brothers who work!" So then there are no disturbances. The Aussies (Max and Joel) are staying over. Everything is fine. Last night, their last night, we get home from a party in town. We've had a couple of beers, but are not drunk. I go to get ready for bed and Max begins making a frozen pizza in the oven. I brush my teeth, change, get ready to get into bed while Max is doing this. Max begins watching something on his laptop while his food cooks. All of a sudden he smells smoke and gets up to check the food. Smoke is rising from the oven out through the stove top coils. He turns off the oven and opens it. Smoke billows out. The fire alarm is tripped. The apartment one, and then the whole building one. The building is evacuated. Five firetrucks show up. Firemen come up to see us. They see it's a false alarm and are not mad. The alarm continues until the smoke clears. We have a laugh about the ridiculousness of the situation. This morning, a call is had from Matt's mum. The landlady has called her, with slanderous and false claims. We are now being threatened with eviction because, "we have been harbouring 10 people in our apartment constantly. We have lots of loud parties. We get drunk and pass out on drugs and let the pizza burn, causing a fire and evacuation". Ben and Matt are in the shit and I'm leaving soon. This sucks.

Rhyming Exercise

down in the sewer
i could swear that you were
around and around on a skewer
with fewer and fewer do-gooder evil-doers.

it's plain and simple
pop the pimple
move to the avenue Darlrymple
spit out those smiling dimples
can't you see the ice trample frimple?

exercise, sterilize, cauterize,
sacrifice, artifice, simplify,
words like birds
flock in and mock
me like some downed ceder tree
get out get out
flee flee
you turn me about
so that i can't see.


So many perspectives now, like kaleidoscope coloured glass - turning me about in rainbowelectricalstorms. Yes she is, no she isn't (worth it?), she's done this before, she's amazing - it's a tough situation. Gimme a cigarette.
Soft kisses, hidden cuddles, lustful uncertainty.

Dedicated to Shosh and her broken words

"give me what you'
ve got!"

you cry
battling on the hilltops of a mind tumultuous and
under clouds of foolishness
brandishing a sword of unjust truths
passing yourself as a fool leading the sane
and who is it exactly that you think
re fooling?
when they told you that you weren'
t paying for it did you think they
were serious?
because i'
m sure they never meant to give you that impression
so drink the quality of your benevolent sins
and sup on the trajectory of your lives (going in a direction
your education never intended)
and if all of this leaves room for more
then desert on the substance of your character
for that is all you will have left
when this is ended and you are stuffed full of yourself and of
the things you want
then you will see

and as the hordes of the underdevoloped, undeserved, undermined and untrained
climb the hilltop on which you dine and wait
you will be overrun
and the only thing which will be the test of who youyourself are
is how long you can hold out before they overwhelm you into themselves

"cheque please,
s get out of here."

Old Entries, Old Blog: Craziness 3

i remember i was in some room...with all these people i didn't know..and then in a kitchenette with David and Curtis and Curtis says "it's like i know you already" and then i woke up and fell asleep into a different dream where i was in this gang of people and one of us died and so we were all sad (it was me, elena, tina, dom and somebody else) and we met some other gang and they were tauting us
about our friend's death so we ended up fighting them and i killed one with a gun...and then that gang followed me through all these maze-like halls because now they were as sad as me over a death of their friend and i remember telling this story to my parents in the dream
and then i had a sex dream about a friend

my mind is playing tricks on me

We Always Make Excuses for the Ones We Care About

This is just something we do, I think, to other people to make ourselves look what we do with our friends and relationships. I mean, why do we defend someone who hurts us so much?
After you told me what he was like...I can understand why you were so overwhelmed when you went from him to emotional talks turned him off or bothered him...and how I am all too open to have them...and how he admitted love the way he did...and then the way I did...and no me - Mr French Speaking, poetry writing, guitar playing, love-doer. I can understand being overwhelmed now. Now I have some more information.
I can see why you were afraid of it all...of 'me'. I'm so set on these things...they mean a lot to me...and it's not even something you're comfortable with...yet...I guess. I know romantic love. I embrace it, I suppose sometimes too/more readily than I ought to, but that's me.
I'm just as confused as you ABOUT love, though...
This is just how it can feel for me sometimes;- That I seem like a good idea at the time...but that I'm so easy to fall out of love with. I fall and I fall hard...I'm broken and I know it. Fun fact. I'm sure that's now how you see it, and wish I didn't even think of that - and believe me, it's not an attack on you.

And I just hurt my foot and feel nauseas.

You were so used to being the one that cared more that maybe now it just seemed too easy...I don't know. Just a front you were used to putting up or something? I don't have answers. I don't even have good questions.
I do care a lot about you, and never you forget it, and I'm still around because I care. I want to help. I want to be there. That's who I am.
Listening to you defend him, though, just made me realize - is that what I was like defending you to my friends? And they looked at me judgingly, saying things like I shouldn't bother. We defend because we know both sides to the story. We know the person we are defending. So the people we tell it to only get our side, mostly the bad things, and they are trying to defend US. We feel like they are attacking the person we are defending, but they are merely running off of things we have said and are trying to defend us. We don't want to listen to these objective opinions because, in a sense, they're not. I imagine, these days, what it's like on two sides of an argument.
Like, if someone tells me that they're significant other ignores them too much, is pushing them away, we naturally stick up for our friend. But what's the other side? Does the significant other go to their friend and say, "they won't leave me time to myself?" and THEIR friends will stick up for THEM. Two sides to every story.
The things that go wrong shape us more than the things that go right. Even though that pain is a sucky part of life, it's something we need to deal with. We all wish we could start again but we shouldn't because then we'd be someone else with a different life, and you might end up missing your old life. Things happen the way they do because we make choices, not always the right ones, but they're made because that's what we think we should do at the time. We may be wrong, but then we learn. We learn.
The hardest thing to do is to let go. I know that. You know that. But the time will come when we all do. That is the OTHER part of life, the one we tend to forget and are not able to see as easily - things DO get better, we DO get over things - with strength from all sources.

I know this was a pointless rant, but I guess it helps to vent the brain sometimes. And it's strange how quickly it turned into a philosophical rant...looking for answers, RE: excuses...and there I go again - excuses for us all.

"Cut the protesting, forget the excuses, we need information, get up off the floor"

Old Entries, Old Blog: Craziness 2

Gender Contradictions Which Amuse Me
Cooking is seen as a "womanly duty" yet many master chefs are men - and their manliness is not questioned.
When a woman cooks it's a "duty" - when a man cooks it's "romantic" - why?
Singing is seen as a feminine thing to do for a boy - but yet men admire male singers in bands.
Being in the army is seen as something for manly men - yet most of the women in the army could probably kick their asses.
Men say that women are "weak" - but my bet is on them cracking instantly if they had to do half the things a working mother has to do in a day.
Seeing crying as a sign of weakness, men will hold it back and inside - whereas women will let it out and get over it faster, which is healthier.

Gender stereotypes are stupid.

"I'm a very difficult person...but I take comfort in knowing God made me that way." - Beethoven.

I dare you to move,
I dare you to say,
What I want you to say,
though I know that you won't.

Because you're afraid,
Well so am I,
But so what if I,
am as scared as you.

"Ok...I want you guys to dance creepy old people who like it really rough." - Maarika.

"I'll just walk on down to the pacific and from there on, improvise." - Barton Fink.

Walking along the blacktop,
a hot wind on the air,
no one can hear the voices,
lingering loud and clear.

Oui, je doit sortir d'ici aussi vite possible.

ha. haha. hahaha. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

please take me home...i don't want to sleep alone...

i don't know...all i feel like doing is crying today.

my head is filled with so much...i just don't know how to sort through all the JUNK.

i feel this way and that about this person and that...i'm just so fucking tired...

breaking glass on the
or breaking porcelain
on the pavement
as they
drift away
softly dreaming of
and wishing for

oh does it matter?
i watched it happen
was in it as it happened
and nothing can
change that
nothing can change
and as i sit here
in this
in this
i just want to
run to the rooftops
and yell
"why me?
why today?
why ever?
why this time
let me be!
leave me alone!
make it better!"

and it doesn'

Old Entries, Old Blod: Craziness

Treasuring the moments where I can laugh like Tyler Durden.
Hearing the voices in my head as nothing more than sweet thoughts and colourful dreams.
I feel an odd connection to nature and the little things.
Raise your glass to love.
Show your inner beauty.
The world is shiny like a glass orb.
You should read this acrostically.

On Jetlag sucks.

It's 5.30am here and I can't sleep. Life is made that little bit harder with the addition of one roommate - who is a 50ish year old man with a terrible cough and I just pray I don't get sick. It's amazing how reduced the things are you can do with a roommate like that. I just wish I had foreign students who spoke some english and wanted to go sightseeing together. I also found out I only have 2 tshirts and a couple of shirts rather than the other way around and I don't have a towel. Showering was strange.
It's amazing how difficult it is to kill a couple of hours when you're bored and you know nothing is open outside, and even if things ARE open, you don't know what they are...or WHERE they are. And this keyboard has swapped the position of the Y and the Z keys and I can't seem to access the "at"'s in the bottom corner of the Q key and I don't know how to get it...stupid Deutsch keyboards.
Anyway, today I hope to get out to the Erotik Museum, though walking in this cold is really unbearable - mum was right, this coat is insufficient. And I seemed to have lost my beanie...and there's no "colon" I can't do sad faces!! Agh! Maybe I'll get out to the Holocaust Memorial today too...but we'll see...I just want to fill my days, but it's a lot harder when you haven't met anyone to do anything with.
I also wish I spoke German.

Raise Your Glass To...
Raise your glass to missing someone even though you just saw them that day.
Raise your glass to finding something you've been looking for for a long time.
Raise your glass to finally finding a place to stay overseas on exchange and it's not too expensive.
Raise your glass to people who have something to fight for.
Raise your glass to women with minds, which makes them sexier more than anything else.
Raise your glass to something more than something.
Raise your glass to turning someone's frown upside down.
Raise your glass to standing in the morning sunshine in a cool breeze or sitting on the balcony.
Raise your glass to everything and everyone that makes you happy and to how lucky you feel to have them near you.
So what are you waiting for?
Raise. Your. Glass.

"Maybe God is just a chemical fiction"
"Maybe there is a God above...?"
"[Religion] unnecessary, in our expanding global culture of efficiency"

When I go to synagogue, do I go because I feel like I am close to God, or because I like the singing? It has educated me on some very Judaic Pagan Pantheistic ways which I adore - finding God and the Divine in nature and in the commonplace - but does that really mean God to me, or is it more the finding of everyday miracles like the wind or the sunset making this world more amazing and seem less controlled and planned? I was having a discussion with Anna about this, and I agree in the end that thinking that God is creating these miracles makes them seem less miraculous as it implies someone or something has had a hand in making them, rather than an everyday miracle just happening - which makes the world seem more beautiful.
I'm confronting the fact that I think I am going to synagogue to feel closer to my people, to my heritage, to my history, as this interests me very much. It's not that I feel any particular connection to the God that they discuss or engage with, but rather the singing brings me my own sense of divinity and soothes me. I take pride in looking around at the community of Jews knowing what we have stood against. And I find the amazing beauty in the colours of a sunset no painter could do justice and no photo capture, and in the wind no one can describe the feeling of - these things are divine and not necessarily a Godly sense, but in a greater-than-me-because-it's-beautiful sense.
Religion does kind of anger me as a result of what it does to people and I think I took refuge in the concept of a God because it makes me feel more comfortable than the idea of a complete nothingness.

"Never believe a Jew who says he doesn't believe in God."

This resonates with me also. I am spiritually confused because of this - what am I? What kind of Jew am I if I don't believe when survivors of concentration camps like Eli Wiesel and many countless others never wavered in their faith? I am a Jew by chance - a Jew by heritage - but am I really Jew by choice as well? I mean, I readily identify as being Jewish and embrace many of the teachings of Judaism, but I am still unsure about God and about his/her/its presence. I pray because I have nowhere else to turn and it becomes more of a monologue to myself to voice my problems, spell them out for myself so I can sort through them, rather than a turn for expected aide from a higher power.

"And they call it God's love..."

I recently saw a comic at which is a webcomic I track, here is the link. And I certainly agree with what it's saying because at times like this, it's hard to believe.

End transmission - I've bitched enough.

Old Entries, Old Blog: Dreams

A Dream That Scared Me

It was drawn like a children's picture book, and everyone spoke in voices like it was one. The drawings were crude, 2D and kind of sketchy. I don't remember the start, but I knew that an Elephant had to run away from a group of 3 other animals - a lion, a tiger and a giraffe - who always travelled in a tight-knit pack, and moved like a single piece of cardboard together as one. The elephant didn't know how to run, it kept falling over, but at some point, somehow, it managed to escape to a nearby safe area, shielded by a hill. This elephant had a human wife and a cat. The cat had a metal plate screwed to its face on the right side, covering half its head.
"We're safe now," they said, "we don't have to run anymore."
But then the 3-animal-group came over the hill, moving very quickly - gliding over the ground. In that moment, the elephant learned to run and ran away down the path as quickly as he could go. But he left his wife and the cat. The animals made it to them and loomed over them, the angry face of the lion looking down on them.
"Cough." Said the cat.
"Cough." Repeated the woman.
And the lion coughed.
"Cough." Said the cat.
"Cough." Repeated the woman again.
And the lion coughed again.
"Cough once more." Said the cat.
"Cough again, just once more." Said the woman.
"Why?" Asked the lion.
"Just because. You're a silly kitty, aren't you?" The camera stays on the woman as the cat comes out from behind her back and walks past and off screen saying, "If they like you, then they're gonna love me." And the camera stays on the woman's face as you hear a loud WHACK! and a splatter of blood and screws spashes next to the woman's head. The cat jumps onto her lap and the camera looks down on it - it is drawn like a crude cartoon and its metal plate is gone, and there is a nail where its eye should be, surrounded by blood which looks like watercolour paint, "What happened?" it cried.
"Shh, shh, it's okay," said the woman, beginning to cry, "I don't want you to be a cat anymore, I want you to be a parade."
"A parade? But where will we get the bones from!?" the cat cried. As the shadows of the animals loomed over them, the camera pans upwards to reveal a giant, flying, golden pirate ship - drawn like a child's picture book - with all of these bones hanging off of it in strings.
"Oh! From there!" Said the cat, "We'll be okay!" and it continued to talk and talk and talk about nothing.
"Ow, my feet." Said the woman, quietly.
"Ow, my legs." Said the woman, still quietly.
Then the woman began to scream screams that were bloodcurdling, "AHH! MY KNEES! MY KNEES!! AHH!! MY KNEES!" As the animals began to tear her apart, and the cat talked about nothing, and the camera panned upwards into the dark, cloudy sky.

And then I woke up.

My Dreams Are Trying to Kill Me

This is actually the dream I had from last night:

I am packing my bags - I seem late for something, I'm going somewhere. I look in the mirror and I am wearing my John Lennon sunglasses, a gray floppy fedora, a white shirt, a gray vest, black pants and black dress shoes. I run off down the road with my bags - I have this nervous feeling that if I am late something AWFUL will happen. I arrive at the wooden bridge leading to the wooden entranceway to where I'm going. This is a concentration camp. I remember thinking "I knew I shouldn't have come to Berlin on this trip". As we enter some people are being gathered to the side in a small, boxed off area. These people are to burned alive in front of us. I am walking through the entrance to the camp and Hitler taps my shoulder and says, "No, you're not going through." and pushes me towards the boxed off area. I beg him, "No, please, don't kill me." He says "okay" and picks up a handful of ashes of previously burned people and puts them in my hand - marking me. I smear them across my forehead with my thumb and walk into the camp. Once down there I look up to see Tom HB sitting in the boxed off area, crying. I cry out to him and he just reads a poem back to me. I turn away and go inside. Once inside, I start doing my Yiddish homework. Hitler - who has now become a very attractive woman wearing a black dress - yells at me that I have soiled the camp by bringning Yiddish into it. She writes me a note and says we have to pick up some bags from the entrance. I look at the note and they are numbers for the bags we must get - and it is written in beautiful Yiddish script - the numbers were 1100 and 29, spelled out in the Yiddish alphabet. She says "Stupid writing" and I say "it's nice". So we are walking along towards the entrance again to get the bags and once we have them we turn around, Hitler (woman) and I and see our companion has run off somewhere. We hear gunshots in the distance. We assume he tried to escape and has been killed, "Shame" she says. All of a sudden our friend shows up again saying he got lost - I think he was Lampwick from school. So, walking back inside with the bags down all these staircases, I am talking to Hitler (woman) and she is a really nice person...except for the evil. We reminisce about how she had previously visited my high school, segregating IT like a concentration camp for her visit - this is a vivid memory in the dream. All of a sudden her and I are alone in a small room's kitchenette and she pushes me up against the stove and we start kissing. Passionately. Then I open my eyes and she opens hers, looks at me disgustedly - because I'm Jewish - shudders, pulls away and says, "I can't do this to myself" because she is sullying herself. I say "Yeah, pretty hard to make out with someone who tried to exterminate your entire people" and she smiles. Then she says, "you better get rid of your gun". I look down and - to my surprise - is a gun in the belt of my pants. I remove it and Hitler has already removed the clip so the gun is useless. I cannot shoot her. Suddenly her, Millie, Chris L and I are in a black van with all of our bags and this large group of men are trying to carjack us and steal our things. They are trying to distract us by saying they are playing a joke on friends of theirs and they need us to pretend to be dead and hand us little packets of tomato sauce. We are all into the joke until I see what is going on and lean out the window and yell, "give us our bags back, please!" and they laugh. I say, "look who's in the car with us" and I show them Hitler (woman) and they freak out and give us our things back and ask us not to kill them.

I am awakened by a loud car horn. I am hot and I cannot move. When I can I run to the desk and write this down. Fuck my dreams.