Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Soundtrack Rant

If I may, I'd like to return to the blog-verse with another rant about how awesome some soundtracks are. As I've discussed before I think that the soundtrack people are unsung heroes of video games. Well, I'm going to say it again.

While I'm back at a job that I hate - even more than I remember! - it's been made more bearable by some pretty great music. Admittedly, I've also been listening to the outstanding William Elliott Whitmore as well as video game soundtracks, but there's one in particular I'd like to mention here.

The Skyrim soundtrack is a goddamn masterpiece. Composed by the amazing Jeremy Soule, it's the right mix of relaxing, exciting and passionate. Ranging from the thundering highs of action chanting in true Norse form to very delicate ballad-like pieces designed for wandering about nature, the soundtrack makes working a menial job a lot more bearable.