Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Continued Adventures of Capt. Horatio Adventure

Ok, so that's not really the title up there, but it looks good for now. This is a continuation of the story I started before - does it not intrigue you?!

After the air ship landed at port, Horatio disembarked at pace and hurried down to the corner of Victoria and Tesla Avenue. The place where he was staying was on the other side of town and so Horatio made the quick decision to merely drop by the tailor, drop a bag of money and say, "New suit. Now!" This he knew, of course, would work quite well with his old tailor, Terrance, and prayed it would work the same miracle on any other staff that he might have hired in the intervening period that passed since Horatio's last trip to London.
Clacking with speed down the cobblestone pathway, making careful not to get in the way of any animatronic devices, Horation landed himself quickly at the tailor and, with huff in his breath, uttered, "New suit. Now!" at what he realized was a rather shocking absense of anyone.
He tapped the service bell repeatedly and with vigour until a small, moustachioed, top-hatted man emerged from behind a rouge curtain, "Ah, Terrance, seems you haven't changed at all, though service seems to have slacked."
"Bite your tongue," Terrance said, climbing onto a stool behind the counter to better see Horatio, "I'm still busy when you're not in town, you know."
"Yes, yes," Horatio laughed, "but if I may repeat with the utmost of coherence," he said, clearing his throat, "New suit. Now!"
"I heard you the first time," Terrance said, dismounting his stool, "and I have just the suit for you." Quick as a clockwork gear, Terrance disappeared behind the rouge curtain again, reemerging with a brown, pinstripe, three piece suit, "Yes?"
"Yes," Horatio said, looking the suit up and down, "That'll do nicely."
When he was finished dressing and handing over a bag of coin to Terrance, Horatio was about to leave, but he turned back to Terrance, "How is life in London still?"
"Well," Terrance said, lifting his eyes from the gold coins, "not all that different, not all the same."
"Cryptic, as usual."
"Let's just say some things have changed and some things have not."
"That's pretty much the same statement."
"Life keeps me busy, but I am kept busier by new developments."
"I don't---"
"I'm sorry, Horatio," Terrance said, walking towards the curtain leading to the back of his shop, "as good as it is to see you - and believe me, it is in these troubled times - I'm going to have to ask you to go." And with that, swept behind the curtain.
Though he stared after him for some minutes, Horatio knew he had to be somewhere else and moved off at pace to his meeting. His acquaintance did not like all that much to be kept waiting.

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