Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dream: Zombie Apocalypse

Before you ask, yes, I have REALLY messed up dreams:

We - who is we? a large group of us for sure - are on the top (8th) level of a business building - it's definitely offices, not apartments. We are survivors - there are maybe 15 of us? I am in the elevator - it is my turn to scout the lower levels to make sure there are fewer zombies. I go down in the lift but it speeds down and then shifts to the side, as if along a train track, the doors open. I see many zombies around. I am holding a lead pipe, but there are many of them - I can FEEL in my GUT that I'm doomed. They crowd in, but they're not like normal zombies - they just look like people with blood on their faces - I can feel, I know they're smart - smart like people. They crowd in, I am beating at them, but I am bitten. Now, inside my head, being a zombie isn't so bad - I'm part of some kind of collective of greater people. "Why wouldn't you want to be one of us? Get the others." "yeah, this isn't so bad". I go upstairs in the lift with three other zombies, but we're pressing level 3 on the lift - is this where we started? - and I am able to mask that I am a zombie - I have special vision, it goes black and the people have yellow outlines and I can identify other zombies, who are thick yellow blocks shaped like people. One approaches and says he'll take care of Raymond (?) and I should take this woman - a woman I do not know - but I love, and she loves me. She lets me bite her neck, bite the flesh off, there is blood, I can feel myself chewing chewing chewing the flesh off her neck. She is saying that she loves me, she is laughing, smiling, loving this, and as I eat off her flesh, her face is peeling off - now she is a zombie and I lift the flesh back onto her face, it has the texture of gauze.

Now I am no longer a zombie - am I someone else? I have a length of pipe again and am with three others in the lift going down to fight off the zombies - who are not only smart, but fast I now remember - they crowd inwards and I am beating at them with the pipe, everyone is beating at them, but I am bitten on the arm. We're back upstairs and we're all sitting around - the feeling of dread, doom and bitterness in us. I wake up, sweating.

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