Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Costumes, Candy and Jerks

I've noticed, in the past couple of years, that Australia has taken a bit more notice of Halloween as an event. Being Canadian, this made me happy because, ever since I was a kid, Halloween has been my favourite holiday. It doesn't have any religious significance for me, it's fun and it involves a lot of candy. Also, as an actor, any opportunity to wear a costume is a win in my book.

When I first moved here, there was hardly any kind of discussion of the holiday - people barely knew what it was other than vague references from American film and TV - but I had a bunch of friends who were disappointed at the lack of it in Australia. It's a holiday that's whole purpose is fun, so why wouldn't they want it?

Now, sixteen years later, I see Halloween decorations being sold at every dollar store and almost every pub doing some kind of Halloween special - big Halloween balls, Halloween parties that are more than just five people I know - like the real Halloween that I used to know.

Recently, though, along with Halloween's rise in popularity in Australia, have been the people who have been saying things like, "This is 'Straya, we don't do Halloween, that's fuckin' American". And to them, I say, "Shut the fuck up".

This. I hate this. This is a friend's Facebook profile picture right now.

What's it to you if you don't do Halloween? If other people want to, why do you want to shit on their parade? We do Valentine's Day and that means arguably less and is less fun than Halloween. If we have the literally made up by greeting card company holiday, why can't we have the fun, dress up and eat candy holiday? It's not a day off work, it doesn't interrupt your life in any way and people enjoy it. So, you might get some people coming up to you and saying "Happy Halloween" - so what? Are you one of those people who, at Christmas, says "I don't do Christmas. Happy Holidays!" with spite on your face? No? Then shut up! Just wish it back, like a regular human and go on with your day.

I'm Jewish and I don't celebrate Christmas but if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas I'm not going to ignore them, I'll wish it back to them. It's a holiday to them, so why take that away from them? Just to be a dick? Please.

If you don't want to "do" Halloween, then don't, but don't take it away from the rest of us, you Halloween Grinch. Enjoy the candy, enjoy the costumes and shut up - it doesn't mean a thing.


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