Monday, January 23, 2012

Next Step, Skynet

I just found out about this and although in ten years this technology will be likely obsolete and smoother, better-working and sturdier version will take its place, I still think this is absolutely amazing.

28-year old Claudia Mitchell lost her left arm in a motorcycle accident in 2004. She now has the world's first mind-controlled bionic arm. It's a bit of a bulky thing and it's a little jerky, but the amazing pure science fiction wonder of it completely overshadows any negatives related to it. This is, in short, a medical and scientific miraculous leap forward.

I can only imagine that in a few years time we will be seeing far better version of this technology - check out the video of her using the arm here! - likely inspired by either movie prostheses like Luke's arm in Star Wars or any of the body enhancements from sci-fi games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

This, along with things like this man's bionic eye, are really bringing us into the science-fiction-like 21st century we were promised.


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