Monday, April 11, 2011

P.I. Story: Part 2

This was why I wished I was still a cop - backup. Now that I'm a freelancer, you don't get to call in any backup that doesn't take all the credit for your bust. I hiosted my friend off the ground.
"Turn around," which he did, mumbling obsenities at me as he did. "And shut up. You can talk when we get to the station."
"I thought you weren't a cop?" He said, yelping as I tightened some hand restraints on him.
"I ain't, but that don't mean I don't still got friends," I pulled him along towards my car. "Now, come on."

The rain didn't make driving easy. It felt like it had been raining since the dawn of time and it weren't likely to stop soon. Traffic backed up along all the main roads downtown and we were stuck in gridlock.
"Shit," I took out a cigarette and lit it up.
"You mind?" he said from the back. "I'm asthmatic."
"Boo-fuckin'-hoo." I looked him in the eyes via the rearview and blew smoke and smiled. He grumbled something and let out a weak cough.
"So," I said, staring at the tail-lights of cars in front of me, "wanna start talkin' now?"
"About what?" he said. He was looking out the window at the barges sailing into port.
"How's about why you ran from me if you're so damn innocent?"
"I never said I was innocent," he shifted to look at me through the rearview. "I just said this weren't none of your business."
"So you did," I blew more smoke, this time out the corner of my mouth in his direction. "And why's that?"
"Coz it's between me, the lady and the boss," and then he stopped, shutting his mouth. He'd said something he weren't supposed to.
"Who's the boss?"
"What lady?"
He twitched.
"Coz a dame's who put me on this case a yours."
"Yeah?" he said. "Well, looks like she's workin' all the angles, don't it?"

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